Estate Plan

Estate Transfer Plan – The Private Estate Map

This Estate Transfer Plan shows the original parcel of land highlighted in red that is collectively owned by the shareholders. Below are sections that have since been adopted by the Vale of Glamorgan Council while all other areas remain a part of the East Vale estate. East Vale is a private estate within East Camp, the larger area including the MOD and private housing to the north. East Vale is limited to the CF624J postcode, specifically:

CF624JE – Shackleton Close
CF624JG – Livingstone Way
CF624JL – Scott Close
CF624JJ – Mallory Close
CF624JF – Drake Close
CF624JH – Flemingston Road

Estate Highways Map – Council Adopted Roads

This map is provided by the Vale of Glamorgan Council and it highlights any roads, paved areas, parking spaces, grassed areas or trees which have been adopted by the VoG Council in pink. EVRCL are not responsible for the maintenance or upkeep of these areas.

EVRCL Street Light Map – Combination of Street Lights

This map shows which lights are EVRCL property and which belong to the council.

Kelda Water Network – Water Pipe Maps

Here is the water network for foul, surface and fresh water pipes through the estate.

Additional Information:

Council Street Light Key – Council Owned Street Lights

This interactive map is provided by the Vale of Glamorgan Council and contains the current illumination hours and bulb types for all lamp posts in the Vale of Glamorgan, excluding our privately owned lights.